Full Face Masks Liners (30 Day Kit)


The patented design of the RemZzzs® CPAP mask liner acts as a barrier between the face and silicone mask cushion, eliminating most of the common problems associated with wearing a CPAP mask so that you and your partner can sleep comfortably!


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30 Day Kit (30 Disposable Liners)

  • Reduce and eliminate noisy air leaks.
  • Comfortably hold your mask in place.
  • Reduce skin irritations & pressure marks.
  • Absorb dirt, facial moisture & oils.
  • Use bedtime facial products.
  • Promote healing of suspected deep tissue injury & stage one and two pressure sores.
  • Enjoy the comfort of soft, lightweight, breathable fabric on your skin.
  • Robert Rutan, the founder and CEO of Naturs Design, Inc., witnessed first-hand the challenges people with sleep apnea face when his wife, Deborah Rutan, was diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea. Frustrated and ready to give up on her therapy, Robert was concerned about the long-term effects on her health of not continuing her therapy, so he made one final attempt to ease Deborah’s pain and frustration. That night, the RemZzzs® liner was born!


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