RoEzIt Dermal Care – 1oz Tube


Roezit Dermal Care Skin Cream is a petroleum free skin emollient with aloe vera, emu oil, and vitamins A & E. This cream will lubricate and intensely hydrate dry skin. Great for oxygen therapy users as well as CPAP therapy users.

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Roezit Dermal Care Skin Cream is specially created with oxygen users in mind. This cream can be used to help reduce painful irritation and sores caused by oxygen tubing and cannulas.

Apply Roezit Dermal Care Skin Cream before beginning oxygen/PAP therapy and as needed during treatment.

For oxygen users:
Moisturize the nose, lip and over the ear where friction may cause discomfort from the oxygen cannula
For PAP users:

Apply to areas around the face, neck, and ears where your mask and mask strap meet the skin, and inside your nasal passages if using a nasal pillow mask.


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