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Citrus II® CPAP Mask Cleaners
A Fresh Clean Mask Every Night

Citrus II® CPAP Mask Cleaners are formulated for the effective cleaning of all types of CPAP and BIPAP masks, nasal pillows, nasal cannulas, O2 masks and accessories. The cleaners gently remove dirt, oils, and organic matter from masks and tubing, without deteriorating, or shortening, the life of your mask. Designed for everyday use.

  • Vegetable-derived cleansers and solvents
  • Removes dirt and oils from masks and accessories
  • Prevents the build-up of organic material
  • Safe, gentle, and easy to use
  • Leaves no residue or after-odors
  • Will not harm your mask or shorten its life
  • Use it everyday

Meet the Zoey CPAP Cleaner!


Easy to use. Easy to love.

Easy to use
Start cleaning or set delay mode with a single button. Zoey uses simple lights to show what’s happening.

Quiet and sleek
Zoey is smaller by volume than the leading CPAP cleaner, and operates quietly, to fit in with your living space.

Cleans using O3
Zoey cleans using contained activated oxygen and filters it back as oxygen.

Zoey includes the following parts:

Injection tube with check valve
Zoey’s injection tube includes a check valve that traps condensation in the line to keep water from damaging your equipment.

Zoey’s filter protects you and your household from activated oxygen.

Power adapter
Zoey’s power adapter is a standard two-prong power brick with a 46-inch cord. 100-240V.

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